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Feb 13, 2017

GIVEAWAY for the College Interview Essentials by O'Connor and Marx!!!! ENTER NOW!

In partnership with the authors of the College Interview Essentials, College Advice Blog is giving away one SIGNED copy of this book for FREE!!! If you are currently applying to colleges or know someone who is, be sure to enter this giveaway for a free copy! 

An article written by the authors can be found here on our site: The Dreaded College Admission Process

Here is how you can enter the giveaway:
1. Follow with the Google Friend Connect. [1Entry]

2. Follow College__Advice on Twitter.   [1Entry]

3. Follow College Interview on Twitter [1Entry]

4. Connect with College Advice on LinkedIn.   [1Entry]

5. Connect with College Interview on LinkedIn [1Entry]

6. Blog about College Advice Blog's giveaway [2 Entries]

7. Tweet about College Advice Blog's giveaway... say something like: @College__Advice has a giveaway for the College Interview Essentials book[ 1 Entries]

8. Link to our giveaway post or to  [ 2 Entries]

9. Go to the Author's website and tell me something you learned.  [1Entry] 

10. Like College Interview on Facebook [1 Entry]

Each time you do any of the above please leave a comment below this post letting us know what you did. If any of the methods said "2 Entries" please comment twice. 

If possible please provide a link to your tweets, links, or posts about this giveaway. 

The winner will be picked via

Please be sure to leave an email address when submitting your comment. DO NOT leave your email within the comment as it will be public; rather place it in the designated "email" field. This way your email will remain private and secure.

*Shipping and Handling costs will be paid by the Authors' of College Interview Essentials.  

*This is open to USA residents only.  

The Team of College Advice Blog and authors of College Interview Essentials. 
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