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Jun 6, 2018

Temporary Agencies Do Matching

Top-rated temp agencies in Boston and everywhere take pride in having the right procedures to correctly match the employers to the prospective employees in different levels of staffing services, whether for temporary, seasonal, contract, temporary-to-permanent job placement, or contract-to-hire positions.

The American Staffing Association reports that over 90 percent of American companies hire temporary employees through agencies for jobs that last for months, and many of those workers  end up being offered permanent jobs because of their superior performances once they are employed. 

How to Begin

Send to the agency a detailed resume with an e-mail that states your availability and the type of job you are seeking.

What the Agency Does

Through the excellent partnerships that the employment agency has developed through years of working with employers, it is able to provide excellent opportunities and a “foot through the door” that an individual may never be able to accomplish.

Prospective candidates are given personalized attention in order to document their individual experience and skills that will make them a perfect fit for an organization. A sense of urgency aids candidates in finding an ideal opportunity quickly.

Placements are made in a wide variety of businesses, industries, the public sector including start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, all levels of government, legal, financial, health care, biotech, marketing, universities, non-profits, online and other services.

Benefits to the Employer

Important to the businesses is that the temp agency is actually the employer of those workers, so the agency is the one that pays the taxes and benefits for the workers. The agencies also guarantee their temporary workers' services. Therefore, if a temp does not work out, the agency will find another employee to fill that position perhaps free of charge or may waive the fees for the worker that did not fill the job competently. If the firm is looking to hire permanent employees, they can also use a temp in the job first as a trial. 


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