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Aug 30, 2020

Benefits of Off-Campus Housing

The decision has been made to move off-campus. It may have been a complex decision, but the reasons for moving off-campus are simple. The benefits are potentially spending less for a place to live that has more space than the dorms and allows for more life experience.

Lower Cost

It may cost less to live in an apartment or student housing Charlotte NC than living in the dorms. Finding a less expensive housing option may take some detective work, but it is well worth the time. Consider the off-campus options offered by the university and other apartments or housing options near campus that are less expensive. Many times student housing combines utility bills in the cost of rent, which makes for fewer headaches. Add a roommate, and housing costs are immediately cut in half.

Bigger Space

Most dorm rooms are small, even for just two people. Living spaces are typically communal on campus, which may be great for younger students, but more mature students tend to prefer their own living space. The majority of student housing and apartments have kitchens, private bedrooms, storage, and living space. All of this makes it more conducive to studying as well as entertaining.

Wider Experience

Simply the process of looking for a place to live off-campus can result in a wider life experience. It may require signing a lease or other legal papers, making a security deposit, and possibly paying utilities. Roommates need to budget for rent and other expenses as well as communicating well enough to agree on cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and other basic tasks related to living off-campus.

The move off-campus is a big one filled with excitement and possibly a little fear of the unknown. With patience and some communication, the perfect off-campus housing can bring lower costs overall, more living space, and valuable life experience.


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