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Jan 10, 2018

Adorable, Thoughtful, and Affordable Gifts for College Students

While shopping for an older child or teenager might be hard, shopping for the fledgling college student seems to be far easier. Most parents are amazed at this fact when their children leave for college. Once a child begins the gradual transition to becoming an adult, they find that living can be quite expensive; especially when trying to survive through their college years.

Snack Baskets

Not only are baskets of snacks thoughtful and affordable, they are incredibly useful! Students commonly hide in their dorms during the worst of exams, and these snacks can get them through a hard week. It can be very difficult to leave home to get food or make trips to the cafeteria. They may stay up all night studying. Protein bars, lightly sweetened snacks, multivitamins, energy inducing teas, hot cocoa, cashews, sunflower seeds, cookies, canned goods, and many more items make great snack baskets.

Customized Stationary

With the help of, customized stationary is another affordable and thoughtful option for the typical college student. Customized journals are perfect for taking quick notes in class, completing math homework, and drafting essays. They can be customized with sentimental memories, inspiring quotes, or with the student's name. There are many different ways to customize stationary, creating the perfect gift.

Concert Tickets

After the stressful onslaught of exams, a relaxing and fun local concert can be a memorable way to unwind. Try picking events that will occur within a few days of the last exam, as this will give the student an amazing experience to look forward to as a reward for studying for his or her exams. This is a dual gift, as it gives the gift of motivation as well! Motivation can be hard to come across during those sleepless college nights, and the student will be just as thankful for that. Be sure to gift two or more tickets, as it could be sold out before his or her friends could buy tickets. Concerts just aren't as fun without a friend or two in tow.

College students can be relatively easy to shop for, and truly appreciate any help they can get. Practical gifts, from snack foods to appliances, are just as appreciated as the cool, expensive tech gadgets that are on the market. It's all part of the transition into adulthood.

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