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Jan 4, 2017

The Dreaded College Admission Process

The college application season is nearing an end for 2017 admissions. Early decision letters have been received. Now many “denied” applicants must return to the drawing board to complete the “rest” of their applications in the hopes that they will receive positive responses in March / April and make a decision among choice admissions as to where they will be attending school for the next four years.

After recovering from the blow of rejection – from the top school on your list – applicants may begin to realize that expanding their horizons to other opportunities, is not such a bad thing. True, it is never pleasant to have to do more work and complete more applications by a deadline. And, most students who applied ED or EA, never totally completed other applications as they lived in the hope that those applications would never have to be sent. However, a new chapter has ensued and new possibilities may present themselves.

So, let’s deal with the limited timeline. Students must make sure their guidance offices have the proper lists and forms with which to send transcripts and scores to the proper school recipients. These students should also be determined to complete applications in the next week - thereby allowing themselves a few days for proofreading and minor changes. Please remember - - just like a prior article on this site explained - - there is no “perfect” school for anyone, just as there is no such thing as a perfect application. The application must offer the admissions committees insight into who you are – beyond your transcripts, activities and scores – and why you would be an asset to the Freshman class.

OK – written applications are submitted! I am done!......not so fast… A great chance to have your application shine and pop is still on the horizon – the interview! Over 85% of the top colleges and universities offer interviews. Needless to say, if offered, please enhance your application by jumping at the opportunity to have an interview. And, while waiting for the requests for interviews, prepare yourself for each one-on-one, face to face meeting with a school representative. How do I do that?
College Interview Essentials,( available on Amazon )written by Peggy Nash Marx and Kyrie O’Connor – founders of CIC – College Interview Counselors / Career Interview Coaches – will offer wonderful preparatory materials for any high school college applicant who has, most probably, never before had to interview. College Interview Essentials is the cornerstone for the interview process. Peggy and Kyrie explain and make all young people well aware that interviewing is a life skill which will be used throughout an individual’s lifetime to acquire, not only college acceptance letters, but also internship positions, scholarships, networking, jobs, careers and even relationships.

The present day young texting society is at a real disadvantage when it comes to verbal communication. Emojis and mono-syllabic answers will not do the trick. All student applicants must be prepared to have a conversation, not survive an interrogation. CIC trains young people on how to have an Impressive Interview and, as they advance beyond higher education, how to maximize their potential.

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