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May 12, 2010

Don't Panic When You See Your Exam

We all know the feeling: you get to the exam place and you see the exam in front of you and your mind goes blank. You start panicking, you start sweating, and you’re extremely anxious. You think you're going to fail and you can’t concentrate on anything. Rest assured; you're not alone in feeling this way. However, if you read these tips before your exam, they should help calm you down and better prepare you to take the exam.

Be Prepared!

First of all, be prepared! You have to study to actually do well on your exam. Thus, be sure to study until you're comfortable with the material.

Second, take everything you need with you to your exam place and bring extras. Some people don’t even bother bringing pencils, which is not good because you might not find someone to borrow one from. So be prepared; if you're not, you will panic and lose some of your concentration.

Get Enough Sleep!

Sleep well that day! This is important; you need to sleep well, so that you can focus on your exam. Remember, there is nothing worse than getting up late because you were up until 3 am and rushing to get to your exam. You could possibly arrive late and lose time from your exam or not be allowed to take it at all due to your tardiness. 


Try to relax, breath in an out for a few minutes to loosen up some of the tension. Try to stay calm and calm those around you because their anxiousness as well as yours is contagious. Make a nice joke if you can to loosen everyone's tension a bit. Also, sit up straight in your chair; don't slouch. Keep your posture upright so that you don't get muscle pains while taking the exam.

Skim Through the Exam First

Look over your exam first before answering questions. This is very important because it helps a great deal. Take 5-10 minutes to skim over the questions before you begin answering them. When you start answering the questions, start with the easy ones. Don't waste time on the hard questions; get back to them once you finish all the easy ones. Also, when doing multiple-choice questions if you choose an answer, stick with it unless you're absolutely sure it's the wrong one. We all get these doubts and end up changing from the correct answer to the wrong answer.


Finally, REVIEW!!! You have to go over your exam. Don't just hand it over, review it first! Maybe there is something you missed or answered incorrectly by accident. Review, review and review!

How do You Tackle Exam Anxiety?

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