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May 8, 2010

Preparing for Finals

I know we're all just trying to finish the semester and dump our books, but that doesn't mean we don't have to take the finals. So let me hand you some tips on preparing for your final exams.

As soon as you know when the final exams are, get to work! Immediately! Do not PROCRASTINATE!!!

Start by dividing your workload and finding out which exams are first. Then take out your notes and any study guides your professor provides you with. Find the time of day when you're fully awake and aware of what you're reading and set it as your study time. For me it's usually early in the morning or sometime later in the afternoon.

Read everything you need to read or anything specific such as certain chapters the professor has assigned. Don't forget to make notes as you are reading.

Then a few days before your final exam, go over all your notes. Do this again the day before the exam. Get enough sleep and if you need to study more, wake up a little early instead of staying up late.

Finally, have breakfast on the day of the exam; you're going to need that energy. Bring a cup of coffee or a bottle of water to the exam place (if allowed) and stay calm. Breathe and do your best!

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