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Jul 29, 2010

Checklist for Upcoming Semester

First Semester : Preparing For College LifeWith the semester a few weeks away from starting, you need to make sure you have everything necessary. If all things are in order, you will have a smooth, less stressful start.  Read the list below and make sure you have checked everything that applies to you.
  • Have you made sure all paper work is in order?
  • Did you file your FAFSA?
  • Have you contacted your academic advisor? 
  • Did you register for all your courses? 
  • Have you bought your textbooks? 
  • Did you buy all other essentials for the upcoming semester?
  • If you plan on working or have federal work study, have you been interviewed?
  • Do you know which office you will be working in?
  • If this is a new college, have you taken a tour so that you will know where everything is? 
Those are just some things to keep in mind and are in no specific order. Feel free to add more on the comment section below.

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