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Jul 18, 2010

Prepare for your GRE Months in Advance!

The GRE (graduate record exam) is not an easy test to crack on a whim; rather it takes time to prepare for, that is if a high score is in mind. What you need to do first is schedule a date to take the GRE. However, remember you need to give yourself time. We’re not talking about a couple of weeks, rather a couple of months. Four weeks is alright, but eight will be better as you will be able to process everything better.

Start Studying Once you have an appointment, you need to get to work on the studying. Get some review books from your local library, check online resources, and if possible take a GRE class. You can’t just cram this at once; you have to take your time so you can process all the information. So spread everything and organize your time for each part that you need to study.

Practice, Practice and Practice!
The only way you’re going to score well on this exam is if you practice, practice and practice. Take practice exams often to evaluate yourself so you can truly know where you stand. If you keep studying without testing yourself you really won’t know if you’re studying correctly or not. If it turns out that you’re not studying correctly shown by low scores, don’t worry; change your routine, try different methods, get different books, different website and get to work. Never give up or think this is just too much because you’re working towards a better future.

Study Group If you can get a group of people who are studying for the GRE together and help each other out that would be awesome. Studying with someone else will give you more motivation to keep going.

Keeping Thinking Positive Thoughts Finally, always remember why you are doing this and what you expect out of it. GRE’s mean entrance into graduate school, so visualize yourself after you have been accepted and you’ll realize how important what you’re doing is. Think positive, be prepared on test day and you will do great.


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