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Jul 14, 2010

Stop Stressing About Graduate School!!!

Graduate School: Winning Strategies for Getting in With or Without Excellent GradesThe Graduate school application and admission process is very demanding. You have to put in a great deal of time and effort to prepare yourself for this process. Although it is stressful, you should not give up; rather you should keep yourself motivated because giving up means throwing all your hard work away. Read on for some tips on keeping yourself motivated while applying to graduate schools.

Picture Yourself Five Years from Now 
First you need to envision where you want to be after you finish graduate school. This psychological method really works because the more you envision where you want to be, the harder you will work towards reaching that place. Also, this kind of envisioning will give you the extra push and motivation you need to keep going. Envisioning will also be a great assist when you are studying for those required exams.

Positive Thinking!
Next you need to stop thinking negatively. No matter how difficult the graduate school admission process is, you seriously have got to stop it! This will get you no where and will cause you to be tired and helpless. You will feel like nothing matters anymore and that there is no point in proceeding with graduate school requirements. However, this is not YOU talking; this might just be that little part which is afraid of failure and rejection. Remember that YOU are stronger than that little piece of doubt in the back of your mind. You need to talk to yourself in a positive manner, out loud when necessary. Come on say it with me: "I will pass those exams, I will get accepted, and I will fulfill my dreams!" Say it again and again because the more you say it the more you will believe it, the more you will work towards it, and the more it will become true.

Create a Plan B
Afterward, create a plan B. This is JUST a plan B, nothing to work towards and nothing to get into details about. However, this will be your back up plan if it all fails, which it won't! However, if it does, you will have a plan B, thus decreasing the amount of stress and shock you might experience from anything that might not go as planned. I created a plan B and I fell back on it before going for my plan A because I thought it is best. If plan B fails, which it won't, then I will fall back on plan A.

Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!
Now you need to take a deep breath, literally breathe IN... and now let it OUT. Everything will be alright. There is no point in stressing yourself because it will only cause more unnecessary stress to develop. Everything is going to work out as planned, but if it doesn't, then you go for plan B without a single worry. Breathe again... Now let it OUT.

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