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Aug 19, 2010

Start a Book Loan Program

Four HandsI know that one of the biggest and most daunting challenges we as college students face is buying textbooks. However, there are many ways to save and get textbooks for a low price, but how would you like it if your college textbooks were free? Let me explain:

 A few years ago a fellow classmate of mine gave a speech about a program she started, it's simply called "(her name)Book Loan Program." It's an amazing program, which allows students to receive textbooks for free. How does it work? Well, students donate textbooks to this program and the program gives these textbooks to other students in need. It's  a cycle of giving and receiving. When you give a textbook you fill out a paper stating after the book has exhausted use whether you want it back or if it can be donated to the school library.

This program costs absolutely nothing and continues the cycle with the help of other students. The student receiving the book returns it at the end of the semester so that another student can use it. I know that textbook editions are constantly changing; however, from what I have seen this program is quite successful and has helped many, many students in my previous school.

Now what I am thinking is why don't we all start this kind of program in our schools? Imagine how much money each student would save if they are getting their textbooks for free. Imagine how much stress will be relieved knowing that we don't have to worry about textbook costs. Why don't you be a leader and start this program in your school? Help others, while helping yourself at the same time.

I am very curious to know what the rest of you think of this idea, so let me know your thoughts below.


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