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Sep 13, 2010

College Advice Made Top 100 Education Advice Blogs!

College Advice has been listed as number 29 on the Top 100 Education Advice Blogs on College Scholarships.

29. College Advice – “When I was an undergraduate in college I used to wish there was someone who could advice me or tell me what their experience has been like with many college related topics,” writes blogger Sam S. “Getting help from the college advisement center is great, but it’s limited; moreover, firsthand experience of other students is really something one can relate to…It is my hope that students will walk away with something that they can really implement through out college, instead of just a momentarily intake of information. If from reading my blog one student will save $400 on textbooks or one student will be ahead of their game when applying to grad school, etc. then really that’s enough for me.” Recommended posts: “Common College Terms” and “College Tip: Get To Know Your Professors.”


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