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Sep 18, 2010

Simple Recipes For College Students

I will never forget my first full day in college.  My roommate and I awakened mid-morning, ravenous from working hard on move-in day. Unfortunately, we found the campus dining hall had finished serving breakfast, and all the nearby restaurants were closed too, as it was Sunday morning. Roomie and I quickly learned to keep some food on hand in our room. Today, most universities have several restaurants on campus, many of which are open all day and late into the night.  Still, when my own son left for college this fall, I made sure to pack him a variety of non-perishable, healthy foods to stave off hunger when he's too busy to head to the dining hall.

Grab-it-and-go foods such as granola bars and fruits are great to have on hand for last-minute fuel before early morning classes or for a late night study break.  However, there comes a time in the life of every student when he or she begins to realize that knowing how to cook a few simple dishes can be quite useful, whether it is to impress a new date, classmates, or a group of friends at a sports gathering.  Below you will find links to a few simple recipes just for the beginner cook, or for the cook with limited space and equipment in a dormitory kitchen.

Game Day Chicken Wings: These spicy, easy oven-baked wings will serve a crowd, and let you watch the game while they bake. Check out the recipe here: How to Bake Easy Chicken Wings Recipe.

Easy Red Clam Dip: Another really simple party recipe, great for holiday parties or any occasion. Take a dip at it here: How to Make Clam Dip Red Recipe.

Reward yourself for finishing a big project or scoring an A+ with this Easy Turtle Brownie Ice Cream Sundae which makes life even sweeter. Give it a try here: How to Make a Turtle Brownie Ice Cream Sundae.

Don't forget Mom's best advice: "To stay healthy, eat your vegetables!"

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