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Dec 30, 2010

Compare Textbook Prices with!

Are you searching for college textbooks for the upcoming semester? Well, what better way to find the textbooks than by using a price comparison site? I interviewed Chris Lindgren from to find out more about this site and how price comparison works.  

Hi Chris!
Thanks for taking the time to discuss Direct Textbook.
Thanks for interviewing us. We are excited to help students find the textbooks they need for the best price possible. We are working hard to get the word out that there are lots of options for buying textbooks on the internet that can help students save 50% or more off the college bookstore price. 

When did you start
We started the site in 2002.
What was your motivation for starting this site?
Our motivation for starting the site was to help students find the books they need faster and for less money. We knew if we could do a really good job of searching and consolidating the prices from the major online bookstores we could help students find the books they need for an acceptable price.

On average how much do you anticipate students will save by using Direct Textbook?
Students can save on average 50% off the bookstore price. Students can save even more with some of the new options for getting textbooks which include; textbook rentals, ebooks, and softcover editions. When
you search for a book on Direct Textbook we show all of these options so the student can decide which option is right for them.
What advice can you give students looking for textbooks for the upcoming semester?
  • Many companies now offer textbook rentals. The rental price is typically 50% off the used book price. Of course you will not be able to get the money for selling the book back at the end of the term but this option can help save money in upfront costs.
  • Students can now get softcover versions of many books. These are typically 30% off the used book price. The content may be slightly different but the books work fine in most cases.
  • If you order online you always have at least 30 days to return the book for a full refund. Do not hesitate to use this option if you are not 100% satisfied with the book you received.
  • Remember standard shipping can take up to 14 business days. If you need the book faster consider upgrading to priority shipping which is usually only a few dollars more.
  • Some ebook providers are offering the first chapter of a book free or for a discounted rate if you are waiting for an order to arrive and need access to the book you can use this option until the book
    arrives. We show when ebook sellers offer free chapters in our search results.
  • Make sure to read the details on the book you want to buy. Sometimes books will not include the required DVDs or CD-ROMs or access codes.
Is Direct Textbook for buying textbooks only or can students also sell their textbooks?
We help student both buy and sell textbooks. Our buyback search finds the best buyback price by searching 20+ online buyback companies. Students get 50-100% more when selling books back online. The buyback companies offer shipping which makes the process pretty easy. Once they receive your book they send you a check.

Chris, can you tell me what makes different from other price comparison sites?

  • One of the main differences is we search more stores than most other sites. Here is one example...

    See the ebook listing for O'Reilly?  Most other price comparisons that I am aware of do not have that extensive of a search. We also cover other smaller booksellers not covered by other price comparisons. We do this because some textbooks are hard to find online. By searching more sites we give users a better chance of finding the book they need.
Wow, that is extensive! I have been buying college textbooks since 2006 and I have never even heard of some of these sites the search revealed!

How often do you update
We have daily, weekly and monthly processes to ensure that we are providing accurate information including price checks, coupon updates and shipping policy updates.

Chris, I know first hand how much benefit lies in book comparison sites such as DirectTextbooks. Thus, I appreciate you speaking with us so that other students can take advantage of your site and start saving money with their college textbooks. 

Chris: Thank you very much for the interview.


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