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Jan 17, 2011

Quick Tip: Make Your Own Lunch

Maybe you haven't realized it yet, but making your own lunch saves you a lot of money! I think in the past semester I saved over $300 because I made my own lunch and brought it with me to school. I also brought snacks and water with me so that I am not tempted to feed the school's vending machine any of my money. Give it a try; it's really not that difficult. Buy a lunch container with different compartments and place your lunch and snacks in it. Get a glass or stainless steal recyclable water bottle and fill it with H2O.

3 advantages to making your own lunch:
  • You know what you're putting in your stomach
  • You're saving money (A whole lot of it!)
  • You're aiding our environment to become more green.
Do You Make Your Own Lunch? What's your favorite recipe? 


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