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Apr 11, 2011

Cut Educational Costs by Renting College Textbooks

As students you all know what it’s like to pursue higher education under a money barrier, especially with the prices of today’s college textbooks. Money is needed for settling family matters, extracurricular activities, school expenses, medical matters and transportation- those are only a few things. Matters get even more complicated if there are many students in the family; especially if a single parent is the monetary hub of the family. This stresses how important it is to manage the family’s spending- they have to be reduced where and whenever possible. So renting college textbooks is a great option for the average college student.

Many ways and means are open for obtaining college textbooks in the graduate and undergraduate levels of education. A few years back, these were more or less limited to buying used and new college textbooks. Advancements in technology and businesses have widened these to the plethora that students have today. Two of these new methods include downloading e-books and renting college textbooks. Although all college textbooks aren’t available in e-book format, it’s a vast opportunity to slash costs in college education. With every good opportunity comes a catch and that in this case is the lack of freedom. For example, when you use a Kindle to view a college textbook you downloaded, you can’t flip through the pages just as easily. Every textbook user has that experience of getting a glimpse of some illustration in some page which one subsequently realizes is linked to some very important textual description and goes back to look for that picture to find the information; this is not possible with e-books. You specifically have to know some unique text that was in a given page to find it by doing search.

The next money saving option is renting. This is especially useful to students in classes which last only a short period as rental fees are less if you rent for a shorter time. Rental periods can also be extended. If one decides that the book is so useful that it’s worth buying, that option is available too (this is cheaper than buying original college textbooks as rented books are used and therefore sold cheaper).

The number of websites that support college level renting of college textbooks keep growing. Such sites lend new and used books and often allow students to highlight text or write in the books as long as no big damage is done. Some sites also ship for free in both directions. Needless to say, this is even more convenient for students.

Continuing your education isn't expensive at all if you know some tricks to save money. One can use loans, grants and scholarships to cut down on the costs or at least hold them off until you can earn some money. Renting college textbooks and using e-books are smart things to do to further diminish the effects higher education can have on one’s finances.

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