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Apr 2, 2011

How to Graduate College Without Student Loans

Student loans are extremely easy to receive, however, individuals often spend decades paying them off. Many students attend college hoping to get a great education for a bargain price. The rising cost of benefits, increases in wages and a number of other factors have led to large student loan debt after graduation. However, students do not have to graduate from college with a large amount of student loan debt!

Financial Aid


Financial aid is almost always available to college students. Students should fill out a FAFSA each year they are attending school. The Federal Application for Free Student Aid provides students with opportunities for federal grants, federal student loans and other federal financial aid. Many states also use the FAFSA to process their scholarships and grants that they award to students. Students may be able to qualify for the Pell grant. This grant is based upon financial need and does not need to be repaid upon graduation. Some students may qualify for state grants and scholarships that can reduce the cost of their attendance.

Students should also apply for scholarships. While many high school seniors apply for scholarships, students currently enrolled in college should apply as well. There are many scholarships available. Students should apply for scholarships through professional organization their parents belong to, their parents workplace and local businesses.

Attending Community College versus Four Year Colleges

Most states have a community college system where students can take their basic classes. This can be a great experience for students who want to graduate without students loans or do not know what they want to study. Many students can take classes when they are convenient for them. Students also pay a fraction of the price for a class at a community college when compared to a public university. Students can often transfer their credits from a community college to their four year university. Any student considering transferring their credits should consult the college or university they plan to transfer to in order to determine which classes they should take.



 Many college students work while they are attending school. Some students find jobs on campus where they are able to work a few hours a week. However, some students find jobs off campus where they can make large amounts of money. Students should consider at least a part time job in college in order to pay for some of their costs.


Students can apply for financial aid, attend community college or work to graduate college without student loans weighing them down! There are even more options for students who become creative with their schooling.

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