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Jul 29, 2011

Staying Socially Active in the Hallways

The classroom is a predominate place that takes up our time as students. It is when we are entering or leaving the classroom that we forget that we are not just students but people in this place for a reason. When at your campus it is important to acknowledge people in a way that is active...socially. A smile or nod can be greatly beneficial to your status on or off campus. Now I do not mean this as a direct way but rather indirect; more specifically, I do not believe a smile or two will up your rank from a “nobody” to “top-dog”. Sporting a warm smile at your students and professors can help you feel part of the campus and for some people more like home. Think about it for a second, we see and interact with everyone at sometime, at some point.

Networking is Priceless
The interaction that we do with one another on campus is crucial. There isn’t a need for leaving all of the talk and “chit-chat” for our immediate friends; because that bubble of interaction will get you so far. I realize that we all have a group of colleagues or classmates that we are compatible with but concern about last night’s homework or beating level 9 on the box can be easily shared with a future friend. We are in a place (literally) that we must start networking together; whether that may be for personal or business intentions we need to get our name in the game. You all know the people; the guy with weird clothes, the girl that’s always alone, or the professor that nobody likes; these are all potential people that can help you and vice versa. Not to mention the fact that you will be thought of as a nice person that anyone at your school can lean upon. There is no way for you to be too busy or too popular to interact with our fellow students. Just some food for thought…now go find somebody to talk about it with.

About The Author
Noel A. Magallanez is a young college enthusiast currently working on his B.B.A. in Energy Management with a minor in English. Noel is also in the nuclear technology area working on a two year nuke tech program. Further, Noel enjoys writing and believes in year round schooling.

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