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Oct 29, 2011

Graduate Study in Psychology: Review

Graduate Study in Psychology, by the American Psychological Association is a must for all students considering graduate school in psychology!

When I was a senior in college one of my professors suggested that all her students get the Graduate Study if graduate school in psychology was in mind. Unfortunately most of us were seniors, thus we had very little time to use the book effectively for upcoming admission cycle. However, it worked quite well for the next admission cycle. Also, for those who get this book when they are juniors it will literally answer so many questions about graduate programs in psychology. 

Graduate Study is extremely user friendly and very straight forward. It provides information about numerous psychology programs, both at the Master's and Ph.D level. Not only that, but there are programs listed for all 50 states, not just your home state.

Before getting this book I had to tackle different school websites to get information about each program. Keeping track of what information each website had about their program was very difficult. This book however, provides everything in one place! It gives you details about tuition, deadlines for program admissions, scholarships, grants and assistant-ships, as well as what exams are required.

I would suggest Graduate Study to all students considering graduate school in psychology; it will help you better understand what is required to get into a psychology program. This will be one purchase you will never regret making. 


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