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Nov 27, 2011

Online Courses

Choosing a distance learning course can be confusing sometimes. Pondering the idea of readiness for an online course is important. Every part of learning the material and speaking with classmates is done remotely sitting comfortably at your desk. Decent experience working with a computer can make it easier to complete an online course but most face book users can manage. You might have to ask two main questions; which required courses are better in an online format and which courses am I most compatible with learning in this way? It may be better to put these two into perspective. The instructor teaching the course may have an influence on these questions for example; he or she may be a fast paced bullet, non-respondent, or an attention to detail type of professor. It is important to remember there are your fellow students on the other side of the computer screen. Looking at the course description, length and syllabus are also helpful along with good old fashioned peer input. Speaking to the professor a few times may be a good idea to understand more about the course and to ask questions. 

Online courses still require you to turn in assignments, keep up with discussions, and interact with one another. For that reason, it is a good idea to manage your time well and keep a calendar of scheduled school work. Reading and writing tasks are still there as well but are more on your time. Keeping a consistent pace of log in time and awareness of what is being covered is also essential to a successful online course experience. Enrolling in a distance course can assist you to fit more classes in your schedule or to help make more room for your life outside of the campus.


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Noel A. Magallanez is a young college enthusiast currently working on his B.B.A. in Energy Management with a minor in English. Noel is also in the nuclear technology area working on a two year nuke tech program. Further, Noel enjoys writing and believes in year round schooling.

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