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Feb 12, 2012

Tips for Preventing Pest Infestations in College Housing

When you go away to college, part of the excitement is the idea of living in your college dorm or other housing the college provides. Living away from your parents, buying new stuff to decorate your room and setting up your own space for studying, sleeping, eating, and spending time hanging out with new friends are just some of the new experiences you are looking forward to at college.

You’ll be meeting new roommates and getting to know the people who live in the rooms around yours, the people you’ll be seeing every day and maybe sharing common spaces like bathrooms and study areas with. But your roommates and the other students you’ll be sharing common space with aren’t the only new creatures you may encounter.
Pests are common in small areas where a lot of people live closely together. And when you add a busy student life with little time for basic housekeeping plus students who just aren’t going to pick up after themselves at all, you have a titanic breeding ground for potential pests – just the kind of roommates you don’t want!
But there are steps you can take to keeping your space pest free:
·       Store your food securely! If you make food in your room be sure to clean up as soon as you are done. Cereals and chips can be transferred to plastic containers to keep them fresh and bug free. And those bags of noodles that will become your best friend on a cold night of studying when you didn’t have time to get to the cafeteria before it closed – you can store them in a plastic container too! Even leaving an open soda can out overnight is enough to attract bugs.
·       Clean often! Pests like to hide behind those dust bunnies that gather under your bed and behind dressers and appliances like refrigerators and televisions.
·       Do laundry! Bugs are attracted to those smelly socks you wore home from the gym and those other items of clothing we won’t mention.
·       Pick up! Shoes, wet towels, dirty clothes, paper bags, or a pile of books or trash are all potential hiding places for pests.
·       If pests are visiting your room because your neighbors are too busy to clean their rooms, look for holes in the walls or baseboards where bugs can travel from their room to yours. A little caulk from the hardware store on those tiny spaces is worth having to keep those pests out of your area!
·       Check the space between your door and the floor. If it is big enough for pests to crawl under ask if you can install a door guard on the bottom of your door to discourage that truant spider or mouse crawling down the dorm hallway.
If you share a common kitchen with your dorm or housemates, it can be harder to keep the space clean if not everyone cleans up after themselves. Try to work out a system with everyone so that the common areas are clean and pest free – this will help keep everyone’s rooms pest free too!
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