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May 4, 2012

5 Creative Careers Still in High Demand

Creative careers are getting more and more competitive, with what seems like less and less job openings. However, demand for artists is actually growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the demand for artists and designers is beginning to grow as fast as the demand in other career fields. So which creative career should you pursue? This article will explain a few of your options:

1. Graphic Design

The job of a Graphic Designer is to create promotional products, logos, signs, and more for interactive, print, and electronic media. Graphic Designers can work in printing, publishing, advertising companies, or computer design firms. There is also a large market for Freelance Graphic Designers.

An Associate or Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design is usually required to get a Graphic Design job. An Associate degree takes roughly 2-3 years of graphic design classes, and can get you an entry-level technical position. A Bachelor's degree is better, however, and will get you more work.

2. Photography

More than half of photographers are self-employed, however, there are a number of employers that are looking for photographers to work for them. Photographers are usually expected to produce images that tell a story. They will need technical expertise, and professional equipment. Positions in photojournalism, scientific or industrial photography will likely require a degree in Photography.

3. Multimedia Art

Multimedia animators and artists usually are found in video and motion picture industries, computer design services, and advertising. They use a combination of computer programs and hand drawing to create animations or special effects.

Because of the high level of expertise that is required, Multimedia Artists and Animators will likely need a bachelor's degree and/or a fantastic artist's portfolio and/or demo reel.

4. Interior Design

Interior designers usually work on large projects. However, they usually specialize in certain areas (such as living room and bedrooms). They're required to enhance the look and functionality of indoor locations.In order to get a job in Interior design, you'll need a Bachelor's degree in interior design.

5. Industrial Design

Industrial designers combine the elements of art, engineering, and business to design products. These designers usually specialize in a specific category, and work closely with engineers and accountants. A Bachelor's degree and an exceptional artists portfolio will be required to get a job as an industrial designer.

While the aforementioned are definitely excellent careers for those creatively inclined, they aren't the only ones available. Art teachers, art directors, and marketing positions all require the use of the creative self on a regular basis, and all three can be expected to remain in demand careers in the future. So if you are looking to marry your creative self with a fulfilling career, don't just look at the obvious. There are several creative careers that won't leave you a starving artist, and will allow you to incorporate your creativity into your everyday life.

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