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Jun 14, 2012

6 Online Resources for Internship Opportunities

As college students pack their bags for summer, many of them already have internships lined up, and many are suddenly realizing that they need something to do for the next few months. Whether you have planned ahead or not, there are plenty of places online to search for the perfect internship for summer, fall or spring terms. Check out some great sites to help you get started:
This is one of the top-ranking internship websites online. It lists internships by state, company, and category, such as journalism, marketing or engineering.  The site also has a section for employers who want to list available internships or find potential interns.

Because Craigslist is not regulated by an internal body that validates every post before it goes up, you need to be extra careful that an internship is legitimate before contacting the company or going forward with an interview. However, there are legitimate internships posted on this site, especially by smaller start-ups, and it’s easy to check for opportunities in specific cities all around the world.
This is another site dedicated to only internship opportunities. You can search by employer, location, field or date. The date search feature makes it handy to filter options tailored to the times you know you will be available, such as during the summer months.
This is a nationwide job search site that also lists internship opportunities. Users can add search terms and search for internship key words. They can also filter by location, employer, industry, experience level, and salary.
This is a group of Linked In users who are either posting internship opportunities or looking for internships online. The group consists of mainly employers, students, current interns, and college career center professionals. The group is moderated by, so much of the information may be an extension of what’s already available on that site, but is a good place to make some contacts and ask a few questions.
Because the comic book genre consists of such a wide array of professionals, from creative, to business strategists, to tech experts and computer programmers, the internship opportunities are massive. Marvel routinely looks for interns for Fall, Spring and Summer terms in tons of cool areas, like art returns, editorial operations, production, online marketing, web design, product management, social media, inventory, sales, publishing, accounting, licensing, information technology, human resources, and digital comics.

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