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Jun 22, 2012

Giveaway: The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! is giving away two copies of the book, The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success by Daniel Wong!  

Due to an issue with rafflecopter I am extending this giveaway for another week. If interested in this giveaway please leave a comment below. 

End date: 07/ 08/ 2012.

US residents only.
Free shipping.

Publication Information

Publication date:
March 2012
$16.95 US
Morgan James Publishing

"With college graduation rates dipping to 50 percent, it’s clear that many students have lost faith in the value of education, driving them to abandon school in favor of pursuing more fulfilling opportunities. While educators scramble to correct this widespread disinterest in higher education, Daniel Wong, an engineer and graduate of Duke University, says the core reason students tend to give up on their education is due to a lack of internal motivation.

In his new book, The Happy Student (Morgan James Publishing 2012), Daniel explores how crippling fears of failure and unrealistic expectations to be the best inhibits young learners from getting the most out of their education. He builds off of his own transformation from an unsatisfied overachiever to a truly happy student, imparting readers with the same renewed love for learning that he discovered during college."

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