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Jul 5, 2012

7 Ways College Students Can Make Money

Some students show up for their first day at college in a shining, brand new car, with new clothes and new books. But we can all agree that this is not the case with most college students. The majority is strapped for cash most of the time and live on Ramen, but would rather not add the burden of a part time job to their already busy schedule. Luckily, there is no need to go out and get an actual job, not when there are easy ways to make money:

1.       Sell stuff
“One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” goes the saying. Look around your room and empty out your closet. There could be serious cash to be made from the sale of items you no longer need or use. Clothes, CDs, shoes, sports equipment, tools – the list is endless. And sites like eBay make the whole process simple and easy. Sell your textbooks online on textbook buyback sites and make the money you need for next semester’s books.

2.       Tutor
Majoring in physics, chemistry or biology? You can bet there are some high school kids in the neighborhood who are in dire need of some serious tutoring. There are subjects that parents can’t help their kids with, and rest assured, they will be willing to pay $15 to $30 an hour to anyone who can help their little darling pass their tests.

3.       Street performing
It may not be the most glamorous stage to perform on, but if you possess a musical talent, you could make anywhere between $5 and $15 an hour in the street. Not bad for doing something you love.

4.       Freelance writing
If you have a particular talent and skill for writing, use it to make some serious cash. Websites like Elance and oDesk are filled with writing jobs – real writing gigs that pay $5 and upwards for each well-written article. The best thing about this type of work is that it’s very easy to schedule around your classes and other obligations.

5.       Dog walking
If on the other hand, you have a knack for handling man’s best friend, dog walking is a good option. Dog walkers earn on average $12 an hour, but rates vary greatly depending on the location.

6.       Babysitting
Babysitting is a classic, particularly among college girls, and it’s one of the easiest ways to make money. You can get between 8 and 12 bucks an hour, but the best way to find out the going rate is to ask around among girls who have more experience.

7.       Sell digital photos
Any hobby can make you some money, but photography is particularly lucrative if you manage to sell lots of photos. Stock photo agencies will pay 20 cents upwards for each photo, depending on the quality of the shot. Some of the best sites to sell your photos to are Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Fotolia, just to name a few.

The best way to make some extra money is to exploit what natural talents you may have. Make use of the resources you already possess. Put some savvy business ideas into place and perhaps even some basic marketing, and soon enough the extra cash will start rolling in.

About the Author
Ariana is a former college student who, in addition to utilizing many of the methods listed above, saved a lot of money by using Textbook Recycling for her textbook needs.

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