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Sep 9, 2012

Utilizing College Career Centers to Help You Determine Your Future

Many college students are unaware of a key resource that can help them discover career options, find job advertisements, network with professionals, write a stellar resume, and prepare for job interviews. This resource is their universitys career center. Nearly every college campus, whether large or small, has a career center that helps students prepare for life after graduation. Services are usually provided free of charge, making the career center an invaluable stop for college students who are serious about their future careers. Here are some of the ways a career center can help you determine your future.
Career and Personality Testing

Most career centers offer career or personality testing for students. This might be a computerized test or an in-person evaluation. The purpose of these tests is for students to realize their strengths, document their interests, and find potential career paths that that align with their personalities, skills, and interests. After taking these tests, job counselors can usually provide information about how to pursue the career paths that proved to be the best match.

Career Advice

After taking career and personality tests, you can usually meet with someone one-on-one to discuss your individual situation. Talking about your ambitions, skills, and career options with an experienced job counselor can be a great source of direction and inspiration. A career counselor can help you highlight your strengths and weaknesses and point out career paths you may not have considered before. They can also be a great sounding board for nervous students worried about their job prospects after graduation.

Resume Preparation

One of the most popular services offered by a career center is help writing resumes. A strong resume can help you land an interview for a competitive job, impress a potential employer, and make you stand out from your competition. An unprofessional resume, though, can limit your opportunities and cause interviewers to disregard your application from the start. Career center consultants are skilled at editing resumes and teaching students how to display their strengths and achievements in the most effective way possible.
Jobs Database and Alumni Connections

In addition to career advice and resume preparation, career centers usually have a database of job advertisements for future graduates to utilize. Additionally, they can often connect students with alumni in their field, whether to apply for a job or simply network with someone in the industry. Finally, university career centers sometimes host job fairs that bring potential employers to campus to meet with students. This can be a great way to explore possible job opportunities, while making connections and networking with potential employers.

Mock Interviews

Lastly, most career centers offer advice on how to interview for a job. From what to wear, what to say, how to act, and what to bring, they can teach you how to present yourself during your interview in the best light. Most career centers also domock interviews,where they pretend to be an employer and allow you to practice your interviewing skills. Many job-seekers are nervous about interviewing for positions; doing a practice interview in a career center may be a way to calm nerves and do a run-through before the actual interview day.
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