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Nov 24, 2012

Five Fun Summer Job Ideas

Someone looking for a fun summer job has lots of options; in fact, there are many jobs that are only available during the summertime. Check out a gathering of ideas for exciting summer jobs, and get a head start on planning yours.
Camp Counselor 
A recreation worker, or more specifically, a camp counselor, is responsible for arranging games and activities for campers of various ages. A person has the choice of working in a day camp where kids are there for the duration of the morning and afternoon. Or, someone can sign up to be a camp counselor at a camp ground where kids stay overnight for several weeks. Camp counselors for young children and teenagers should be energetic and have plenty of creative ideas for games. For anyone who likes being a positive influence on kids, a job as a camp counselor can be very rewarding. Plus, participating in boating, swimming, races, and scavenger hunts with a group of kids feels a lot more like play than it does work.

Concession Stand Worker in an Amusement Park 
An individual who loves to people-watch would enjoy a summer job as a concession stand worker at a large amusement park. The person would have the chance to meet a variety of people and speak with folks from different areas of the country. In many cases, a worker at an amusement park gets a discount on rides and other attractions there. The bustling, entertaining atmosphere of an amusement park makes working there seem like more of a fun adventure than a job.

Lifeguard at a Swimming Pool 
Of course, a person must have the training to work as a lifeguard at a swimming pool, but many public swimming pools provide that training to interested candidates. A lifeguard gets to sit out in the sun all afternoon and watch people’s activities in the pool. Though a lifeguard must remain diligent about the safety of everyone in the pool, he or she would likely get the chance to swim during breaks and meet a lot of new friends over the course of the summer.

Ground Maintenance Worker 
Cutting grass, planting flowers, and keeping track of the condition of a piece of property are just some of the tasks of a grounds maintenance worker. This job is ideal for someone who enjoys staying outside in the warm summer months. Plus, the physical activity of this job can help a person to stay in shape without having to go to the gym! Also, the person gets the satisfaction of planting and nurturing flowers and plants on the property. Universities and parks are just two of the places where maintenance grounds workers are necessary. This job is perfect for people who like to see the positive results of their daily work efforts!

Guide at a Local Zoo
The summertime months are a very busy time for zoos. Consequently, zoos bring on plenty of new hires to work during those months. A guide at the zoo leads groups of visitors on trips around the zoo and points out features of various exhibits. Not only does the person get to meet new people in this unique summer job, he or she gets the opportunity to learn about a collection of wild animals! Of course, being outdoors on peaceful summer days is also a plus of this job. By the end of a summer of work at a zoo, a person has more knowledge about animals and their habits.

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