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Nov 2, 2012

Open education Resources for Publishing and development initiatives

Universities, governments and individuals are popular with Open Education Resources. These mainly come in form of activities, full education courses, modules, quizzes, assignments, syllabi, lectures, games, simulations, etc. The resources are mainly provided free of charge for research, and learning purposes. The most popular ones are OpenCourseWare and educational programs. Although many of these come as complete packages, others allow publisher participation, forums and collaborations. You can actually add, edit and modify those products. This article is about the top tools/open education resources available.
  1. Apple Learning Interchange
This platform contains resources for educators. It’s the single access to media and ideas that have been prepared by Apple experts and its content affiliates like Apple. It’s also collaborative for educators in that, via search, sharing, iChat and publication-these people can share ideas.
  1. Plagtracker
Plagtracker is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers on the web. It’s a free collaboration and helps users get rid of duplicate content online. It’s located on and its free for all users. 
  1. ARIADNE Foundation
The platform was created tools and methodologies that can be used for managing and re-using computer-based pedagogical elements together with telematics supported training curricula to meet its objectives. The program is special for software design and development. Many ARIADNE engineers build educational software tools. These can also be exchanged and transferred to others to make them better. 
  1. Citadel
This collaborative program is between Hofstra University, Pennsylvania State University, the College of New Jersey, Villanova University and Virginia Tech. It’s part of the US National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library Project. Generally, it’s a digital library of educational resources drawn variously from different parts of the computing field. It also draws members from the publishing and professional associations.
  1. Citizendium
This is still in its experimental stages. It’s a wiki project that was created by the Wikipedia Founder. It’s different from Wikipedia. It hopes to improve on the Wikipedia model by adding expert oversight. This will require contributors to use real names.
  1. Contentbank
This is a great content initiative that looks to create content for low income groups. It’s also common for underserved community content outreach. Its function is also sustainably help small communities create their own content. This also extends efforts to private sectors to develop usable content for these communities.
  1. Digital Divide Network
This is an online community. Users can build online communities, share documents, discussions and news. This platform also supports events and articles.
  1. Education Object Economy
The object of this platform is technology and learning, sustainability, open and collaborative development. It sustains a digital library and related projects. It also reports on outreach to developing countries, including those in transition.
  1. EduCause
This association is non-profit. Its mission is to advance higher education using intelligent use of IT. It supports the use of IT to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It’s also improving the cost status of higher education and rising costs.
  1. EduTools
This is a great platform which provides independent reviews and comparisons for the e-learning community stakeholders. In most cases, they study the access and functionality for users. This gives it an edge as the better tool for one to search and evaluate courses.
  1. Harvey Project
This is an international collaboration for educators, physicians, students, programmers, researchers and designers. Their sole purpose is to create dynamic human physiology courses online. It mainly runs on Java and Flash modules. 

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