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Nov 13, 2012

Top 5 Careers to Pursue with a Marketing Degree

Marketing is one of the most commonly sought after college degrees. Not only is this a fast-paced and interesting career, but getting a degree in this area can create more types of job opportunities than other degrees of study. If you are considering an online degree in marketing, consider the top five related careers that you might be able to pursue upon graduation. It is important to have a general idea of what you might want to do after graduating so you don’t waste time on a long job search.

Marketing Manager
The most common type of marketing career is that of a marketing manager. These jobs can be found in most businesses, and your role is to manage a small team to help execute the company’s marketing goals. Duties can include:
  • Target market identification
  • Estimate demand for goods and services
  • Brand promotion
  • Report compilation to company executives
This career allows you to exercise virtually all the skills you learn with your online degree in marketing, and it is a great starting point if you are just entering the field. For the best results, look for entry-level positions when you’re fresh out of school as a marketing management assistant.

Advertising Account Executive
Marketing and advertising are often intertwined, due to the fact that ads are designed to promote a company’s brand to its target market. Many marketing graduates find rewarding careers as advertising account executives, and many of these careers entail added commissions and bonuses for a job well-done. As an advertising account executive, you will:
  • Find new advertisers
  • Promote new business relationships
  • Foster good faith in current accounts
Sales Management
Many account executives make their way to sales management. Managing a sales team gives you the opportunity to not only practice your marketing skills, but you will also get to utilize your leadership skills. In many ways, sales managers need a marketing background to sell goods and services to other business, as well as to identify the best sales team possible.
Sales management gives you the opportunity to work with small to large companies. At the same time, there are more careers available in sales than some other marketing-related careers because of the nature of the job. This work requires both an outgoing personality combined with perseverance.

Public Relations
A public relations professional acts as the middleman between a company and the public, or the media. This job entails a great deal of communication in the form of speeches, press conferences and written press releases. Depending on the exact job, you may even be in charge of forming company events. If you are interested in this type of career, you might consider taking a few PR courses as part of your degree studies.

Retail Management
People like to shop, and there are no signs of this activity stopping any time soon. If you enjoy retail, you might consider taking your marketing career out of the business world and into the shopping version. While a background in marketing can help you make your company sales, your education can also help you:
  • Get a job as a store manager
  • Become a district manager
  • Land a role as merchandise manager
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