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Jan 24, 2013

Critical Thinking for Life! Mentoring Minds...

Have you heard about Critical Thinking for Life! Mentoring Minds? I came across this site recently and I found that it has a wealth of information and useful tools for that can be used in the classroom, or in any way your creative side allows you to come up with. The tools available can be used for numerous subjects such as math, writing, science, reading, etc., and even Spanish!  These tools will help in building critical thinking, as well as better understanding these subject matters.

One interesting tool I liked is the “Wheel” for ADD/ADHD, Critical Thinking, Accommodations, and Spanish. I think this tool would make learning much easier as it grabs the attention of the learners and helps “facilitate student improvement among peers and academically.”   
Another thing within this site that drew my attention is the research provided. Under the research tab you will find a lot of well researched articles on different topics to help you get a better idea of where things stand and the studies done on different subject matters. Further, in the research section, I was glad to see that there was a bullying prevention guide. The information is very straight forward and benefits everyone. The statistics delivered gives a better idea of how serious bullying is and why steps need to be taken to prevent it.
Take a look at the site and browse around it; you will for sure take away something from it.


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