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Jan 24, 2013

Do You Have What it Takes to Make it in Real Estate?

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The Opportunity to be in of Control Your Destiny
The recent economic downturn has caused a large number of people to rethink their attitudes towards how they make a living. Some have lost their jobs; others have been living in fear of losing their jobs. Other individuals have seen the problems in the job market as an opportunity to go it alone. There is a strong appeal to being your own boss.

Regardless of the motivation, the process of changing career paths is a significant life event. Take careful consideration of the pros and cons of different paths. It's exciting to start new adventures. At the same time, proper planning will help make the adventure a rewarding one.

                                           Real Estate as a Career

One career that attracts many people wanting to do something financially rewarding is real estate. There are many different opportunities to pursue in the field of real estate. One of the most popular is that of residential real estate sales. Many people find this to be a career with a good balance of working independently and working in a structured environment. You can have an office and work with associates. At the same time, you have almost total control over your schedule.

It is not overly difficult to become a real estate agent. There are, however, several steps that have to be taken successfully. The specific requirements for agents vary from state to state. There are four basic requirements that are common to most states. These include:
  • Attending a specified number of classroom instruction
  • Passing a state examination
  • Obtaining a real estate license
  • Being associated with a licensed real estate broker
In addition to the educational and testing requirements, states have various restrictions and qualifiers for who can qualify for a license.

A real estate sales career can be very rewarding. Like all opportunities, there are special challenges to be overcome. Before you choose to become an agent, there are several questions to ask yourself. These include:
  • Do I have time to wait for earnings to begin?
It will take anywhere from three to six months for a new agent to generate any substantial income. Depending on the market, it can take longer. If you need income immediately, you might consider starting real estate as a part-time agent.
  • Am I disciplined enough to operate independently?
The downside of controlling your own destiny is that you control your own destiny. If you have problems setting and following priorities, you may struggle as an independent agent. No one sets your priorities for you.
  • Can I handle several tasks at once?
There are many facets of being an agent. You will learn your market while generating prospects and following up on leads. When you have clients, you may show several different homes to different people, all in the same day. You will coordinate open houses and closings.
  • Do I understand the importance of building and maintaining a network of prospects?
Real estate sales is first and foremost about networking. Maintaining and building relationships is an essential trait. Ask yourself if you are comfortable turning strangers into lifelong friends.

Real estate sales can be a great career. Find a local real estate firm that is seeking new agents. Spend a day or so in the offices and get a better feeling if it is a career that meets your desires.

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Travis Leary is a freelance writer based in the greater metro region of Albuquerque, NM; Leary understands very well the difficulties associated with success in the real estate industry; to learn more about the real estate market of Germany view the apartments of berlin.

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