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Jan 10, 2013

What Kind of Companies Are Hiring Information Technology Graduates

With technology playing an increasing role in business, information technology is a rapidly growing sector for employment with a wide range of opportunities. 

Information technology graduates are not restricted simply to working within specialist companies, as almost every organization from computer companies through to government agencies and schools now needs workers skilled in computers and technology.

Keep things running Smoothly
Most companies with a reasonable number of employees using technology will need a helpdesk to enable employees to get assistance with computer problems. Information technology graduates working in this area may also be expected to keep the company’s computer systems running smoothly by managing software updates, troubleshooting problems and administrating databases and networks.

Many large companies also employ specialists to keep their computer systems running smoothly. For example, looking at how the system would run in the event of a disaster such as a fire, or using technology for large-scale tasks such as managing contracts or supply management.

Employing a dedicated IT person may not be practical for small businesses, so information technology graduates may also be able to find work in companies specializing in offering remote assistance to small businesses.

Help to shape the Future
Many graduates start their technology careers in companies that focus on developing new software, hardware, and networks. These companies help to shape the future of technology, developing new ways of working, increasing productivity, increasing what technology can do and improving the way it works. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft are continuously developing new products and information technology graduates can find work here in diverse roles including programmers, testers, and designers.

An increasingly popular role is that of official or ethical hackers, where computer programmers are employed specifically to see if they can hack into an organization’s computer system and to test its security.

While software development is more prevalent, hardware development is also important with the need for computers, cell phones, and tablets that can withstand lots of use or extreme conditions.

Website designers and design companies are also in demand, with many small businesses opting to out-source their website design to specialist companies.

Pass on your knowledge
As technology filters into almost every aspect of life, it is important for adults and children to be able to use technology. Children, in particular, are being introduced to technology from a very young age.

Graduates who are interested in working with people rather than simply with machines may find an interesting job with a training company or even within a school or college teaching technology or computer studies. These jobs may require other qualifications as well as technology specific ones.

Graduating in information technology opens the door to a wide range of careers; with almost any company you might be interested in working with. For more information on technology degrees, feel free to check out this 

About the Author
Vera Mosely is a recent grad with a computer and information science degree.  Currently she works as an HR intern and helps to find the most qualified people for technically minded jobs in the computer industry.


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