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May 21, 2013

Lucrative Degree Options for the Science Lover

chemistryScience is by far one of the most interesting fields of study for college students. If you were interested in science in high school, college will take that learning to the next level. High school science is just a small taste of what you should expect if you decide to major in science; college science is a four course meal, with desert.

If you’ve long found yourself fascinated with science, consider making it more than just a hobby. Consider making it a career. Whether you’re a student coming out of high school or are wanting to go back to school to earn a new degree, if you’re passionate about science than earn a degree in a science related field. They say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, and if you want that to describe your career than check out these popular science degrees that you can go back to school to earn.

B.S. Kinesiology
Kinesiology is a fascinating field of science that focuses on the study of human movement, and it’s a science field that’s continuing to grow fast, too. Earning a kinesiology degree opens up a wide range of options in public health, fitness education, coaching, health advocacy, and more.

One reason that a career as a kinesiology specialist has become so popular is because of the call to end obesity in America. As more and more people are now focusing on their health and staying active and physically fit, the need for movement specialists has increased. It’s also a rewarding science career, as you will help people make changes and achieve life goals.

Master of Biotechnology
Another awesome and exciting science career is in biotechnology. Biotechnology is such an advanced field that it typically requires a masters degree. Earning a biotechnology degree is not for everyone as it requires a lot of hard work, but those who choose a career in the field typically love it.

Biotechnology combines a wide range of subjects. Specific masters programs will teach students to combine their backgrounds in science with specific business facets, such as marketing, accounting, and management. For those in the constantly changing biotechnology world, these are vital skills that any higher educated biotechnologist should be trained in.

B.S. Chemistry
Earning a B.S. in chemistry is a great way to enter a fantastic career field. There’s no end to the amount of career options you have with a chemistry degree, and if chemistry was your strong suit in high school than you can bet that you’ll love it in college. Careers in chemistry open doors to jobs in chemical engineering, medicine, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, and more.

Additionally, earning a college degree in chemistry means you’ll be able to earn higher chemistry degrees, which is where the doors really open up. Earning a four year degree will mean you’ve got a good shot at being accepted into a school to earn an advanced degree. From there, your options are limitless.

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