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May 9, 2013

Moving Back Home After College

You learned so much in college. Now learn this: Moving home for a short period of time and saving money for your own place (while figuring out exactly where you want to be) can be a smart thing!
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Number one reason to move back home: $$$$$
As you can imagine, saving money is the most frequent reason grads move back to the old homestead. Think for a moment just how much you’ll save while you’re living at home – hundreds of dollars a month at least! You’ll save on rent, utility bills, you might even save by remaining under your parents’ health insurance coverage. But don’t become a freeloader, make sure you help out around the house and contribute in some way if you’re not thanking your parents monetarily.

Number one thing to think about: Can you live with the ‘rents again?
Before you move a muscle, much less your furniture and boxes, think about whether or not you can live with your parents now that you’re an adult with a full time job. You can? Great, because it can be a good time to learn from your parents. They can give you advice on how to budget for a home – for example, utilities, homeowner’s insurance, and taxes you’ve never had to worry about before. If you don’t already know your way around a kitchen, you can learn how to cook some of those childhood favorites you loved so much. And some of you might not even know how to do your laundry because mom always did it, even in college! It’s time to learn how to sort and wash your clothes.

Number one thing to do: Find yourself
And what about those of you who can’t find that right entry level job right away? Take the time to figure out what you want to do and exactly where you want to live.  A lot of grads accept the first job they’re offered, and no one is saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, but you don’t want to move to a new city and rent an apartment only to feel alone and stuck in a career you realize isn’t for you.  So if you can, take six months or a year to discover what really makes you happy and where you really want to live.

Number one thing to change: Your lifestyle (but not too much)
Lastly, moving home after graduation allows you to get back on track.  A lot of college students sign up for afternoon classes so they can sleep until noon, get the classes out of the way, take a nap, study or do their coursework (or not) and then hang out with their friends until early in the morning.  This is not what life is like after college! In the real world you’ll need to be at your new job by 8:00 a.m. (maybe 9:00 if you’re lucky) and you’re expected to work all day, come home, then take care of yourself and the house too. Being at home with your parents helps you adjust to the next step in your life. No more late nights (except of course on Friday and Saturday). Get used to it – then you’ll be ready to move.

And guess what? As cliché  as it sounds, in the end, you’ll find yourself bonding with your parents in a way you never did as a teenager. You’ll discover things you have in common with them that you never even realized. In the end, moving back home for a while is just a new beginning – one that can give you a better chance for success in the future.

And remember, it isn’t permanent!

About the Author
Tara Chila writes for the long distance moving company Transit Systems, Inc.’s blog.  For over 20 years, Transit Systems has been providing moving services small and large, and shipping services from everyday furniture to antiques, pianos and grandfather clocks.

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