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Jun 4, 2013

Interview of Kimberly Taylor from The Helpful Classmate

Today College Advice Blog presents an interview with the founder of The Helpful Classmate. Please leave your comments and/or questions in the section designated below. 

When did you create your website?

I created the website in the Fall of 2012. I began my services in the beginning of 2010, and shortly realized that I wanted to branch out and cater to those outside of my immediate line of contact; thus prompting me to create The Helpful Classmate website.

What is the goal behind creating The Helpful Classmate?

I was looking to share bits of wisdom I have learned along the way throughout my college matriculation and professional experiences. While in school, I noticed I was always that “go-to” classmate that many of my peers would seek advice from regarding classes. I want people to understand that no matter where they are in life, they are more than capable of achieving their goals. Often times, the smallest nugget of wisdom can do wonders in propelling you closer to being able to do so. The goal behind Helpful Classmate was to better position college students, recent graduates, and young professionals so that they are able to achieve their academic and professional goals. I believe that my ability to help others stems directly from the simple fact that I am or once been in the same shoes as those that I help.

What population are you aiming at providing help to?

The Helpful Classmate aims to aid college students, recent graduates, and talented young professionals.

What services do you offer on The Helpful Classmate?

On The Helpful Classmate we offer a number of services in the areas of Academic Success, Resume & Interview Preparation, Internship & Career Guidance, and College Writing. Within of these areas we offer specific services that cater to the varying needs of visitors. We also offer specially tailored services! If visitors do not see a service that directly fits their needs, they can send us a message stating what their needs are and we can figure out exactly how we can help.

Who is Kimberly Taylor?

Kimberly Taylor is a young professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and one that takes pride in helping others in whatever capacity possible. I earned both my Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration, and throughout my time in college, I had the opportunity of interning at three major companies, McDonald’s, USA, Eli Lilly, and PNC Bank. All of my experiences contributed to my ability to meet with success post-college where I began working in the Consulting industry in Washington, D.C. I have always taken it upon myself to help those wherever possible, and I strive to continue to do so.

What is the first thing people should read when they go into your website?

Upon first visiting the website, visitors should definitely take a look at the Tips & Tricks section of the website. This section is frequently updated with new, useful content that all visitors will find valuable and informative!

What do you want people to take away from The Helpful Classmate?

The number one thing I hope that people take away from The Helpful Classmate is that I have their best interest at heart, and when it comes to helping them, I truly want them to be able to reach their goals despite the obstacles they believe are in the way, academically or professionally.

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