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Sep 8, 2013

Finding the Right College

877-626-4258I recently came across a website, College Helper, and found it quite interesting. This site as the title states helps in finding a college that is the correct match for you. I tested out some of their tools, such as the degree matching tool and found the results to be accurate and on the dot. It breaks things down and provides a few options in each question to help you narrow down your field of interest. Further, images are provided to help you visualize each field of study.

The online learning readiness survey is another important tool available on the site. As someone who has taken numerous online courses I found the survey to be a great start for those who are just considering online learning.  The survey helps you narrow things down and see if online learning is truly the method of pursing a college degree for you. It might seem simple to sit behind a computer and listen to lectures in your pajamas, but it truly takes a great deal of dedication and discipline to succeed in this method of learning.

Another tool this site has is the student loan calculator. All students considering taking out a loan should save a snapshot of the breakdown of loans and their fixed rates on their computers, iPhones or other electronics used to access the Internet. The calculator is very useful as well as it allows you to simply enter the numbers and it will produce the results for you.

If the tools on the site are not sufficient in finding the school of your dreams, you can try giving the site a call. They provide help over phone and go as far as calling schools on your behalf!

Check the site out, test some of the tools and let me know below in the comment section what your thoughts about it are. 


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