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Oct 12, 2013

Most Popular Majors−and the Careers They Lead To

Graduation 2Choosing a career path is more than finding a job that is going to pay the bills, it's setting yourself up to succeed in life. Most students need to be passionate about a subject or career field in order to truly succeed. Students carefully analyze careers and choose one either for the financial gain or passion in the subject. Today the most popular career choices include nursing, psychology, political science, marketing, and business.

The Potential in Marketing
Any form of marketing is always going to have a lot of promise. Marketing majors can advertise for big companies and create compelling ads. With the growing rise of social media, the demand for marketers is greater than ever. Social media marketing is one of the most promising fields to study. Students may enroll in courses that can help them learn more about social media marketing but few institutions of higher learning provide a degree in the specific subject. Marketing majors can still gain an extensive amount of knowledge and become competent marketers that make around $60,000 a year to start.

Business Remains Popular
Successful businesses are what make the economy thrive. Business majors will never go out of demand. A business major starts out somewhere a little more than $55,000 a year. Most business majors go on to achieve an MBA to increase their knowledge. Graduates usually start out learning how a company operates and eventually rise to some type of management position. This paves the way for a business major graduate to one day become the CEO of a company.

The Growing Demand for Nurses
As the population increases every year so does the demand for quality nurses. Nurses can now even earn a degree online. This field of study is popular because of the steady amount of work available. People who decide to become nursing majors can one day take it a step further and become doctors. Nurses' salaries start out around $40,000 per year depending on the area and specialty, but that can quickly rise with the level of competence a person possesses. Nurses are needed in every city in the world so this is a popular field of study internationally.

Elementary Education
A person that studies elementary education is passionate about giving back to the community. Although they do not make a lot of money there are a lot of loan forgiveness programs for those who teach. Teachers are also needed around the world so this is a major that is always going to be popular. Educators start out at around $30,000 a year but can earn more through private tutoring lessons. One day an educator can become the principal of a school or obtain a staff position with the school board to help direct the education system of a particular district in the right direction.

The majors listed are popular all over the world. There are certain fields that all cultures have a high interest in. Students must make a choice to determine which major is right for them so that they can live a comfortable life.

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