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Oct 12, 2013

Social Work Degree and its Benefits

WomanDetermining which area of social work beckons the individual social work student is an exciting process full of new experiences and inadvertent learning opportunity. Those with a firm of mindset when broaching graduate studies in this field may likely change directions several times before finally determining their career path post graduation. It seems in the field of social work, the more exposure and experiences that the student is privy to, more of a drive to learn, experience, and diversify is fostered. 

One advantage of the master's in social work degree is the ability for individuals with distinct skill sets and passions to transform these characteristics into a unique, and rewarding job. For example, recreational therapist holding MSW degrees and the appropriate licensure required by many regions, may be able to make a living by combining their love of the outdoors with the passion to help others. Furthermore, social workers with a love of children may find their niche in the guidance office of an elementary school, as an admissions representative in career counseling for local colleges, at a crisis intervention center working with children, in an outdoor rehabilitative setting such as outward bound, or even as an activities director in a day care setting; the opportunities for those licensed clinical social workers in community settings is infinite.

Some conventional schooling programs focus on macro practice during initial studies and practicum, moving in toward mezzo practice as the student becomes familiar with social work practice and small groups. Finally, micro practice concentrates on the aspiring social worker in their roles directly working with the client, as an individual in a variety of work related settings, such as hospitals, treatment facilities, private offices, retirement homes, and school systems.

There is a distinction to an individual who aspires to pursue a social work degree online in helping professions such as social work. While there are positions in upper management, supervision, or private organizations that may offer enticing compensation and benefit packages, social work is not typically considered when pondering the most lucrative positions in the job market today. The inherent desire to help others- including diverse, challenging, and at risk populations-may be an innate ambition and is not naturally possessed by everyone. Empathetic and resourceful professionals are an asset to the social work field, and those that regularly practice self care and enjoy leisure activities are least likely to suffer compassion fatigue or burnout as a result of the difficult work that they do on a daily basis.

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