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Oct 25, 2013

Top 5 Careers to Try with a Marketing Degree

SEO 1If you are a marketing student studying advertising, media and communication, then you might still be wondering what you want to pursue when you finally finish your degree program. The options for marketing students are seemingly limitless, yet the titles for the most popular jobs remain vague, such as:
•Sales manager
•Marketing Director
•Development Executive

Many students wonder what these titles really mean in the day-to-day operations of an office or PR firm. If you have a passion for marketing and want an exciting career, here are five of the top marketing careers that you may not have considered yet.

1. PR Specialist
Ranked as one of the 100 best jobs by US Newspublic relations is an exciting field that requires superior communication skills. PR specialists work in a variety of areas whether it’s as the press secretary for the president of the United States, the communications director for a Fortune 500 company or the media specialist for a nonprofit organization.

The goal of the publicist is to “generate positive publicity” in an effort to enhance the reputation of your client or the organization you represent. Part of your job is to work closely with journalists, bloggers and other writers and opinion leaders, building connections in the media. The other major piece of this spokesperson position involves drafting story pitches, presentations and speeches while“ensuring that they are consistent with your client’s image and message.”

2. Market Research Analyst
“Market intelligence,” reports the, “is a combination of research and consultancy, helping business to make decisions and set priorities.” For individuals who enjoy specializing in a sector and learning all they can about current trends, this career is a good fit because it requires getting to know your company and the market intimately in an effort to collect information that is essential to forecasting the right direction for the organization.

3. SEO Consultant
People who enjoy the technical side of marketing strategy will really excel at SEO marketing. This is a rapidly expanding field that works specifically on Internetcampaigns. Search engine optimization involves working on websites so that they are easily picked up by Google’s search results.

Typically, the SEO consultant will manage several accounts with different companies or work in-house for one organization. In addition to optimizing the business’s website, the SEO team will build links on other websitesthat direct more traffic and sales to the client’s site. This job also entails copious tracking of website analytics and constant learning about knew updates and the best strategies of reaching the target audience.

4. Sports Agent
For avid sports fans who can’t get enough of tracking athletic careers and season stats, there is the sports-tastic option of becoming a personal representative or agent. This fast paced business environment provides involvement in one of an expansive industry.

And for a true sports fan, this career offers the chance to get behind the scenes working with elite athletes and franchises. But this job requires a savvy for negotiation as well as good people skills and an eye for taking risks and realizing pay-offs.

5. Commercial Director
Marketing is a unique field because it is a merge between art, culture and business. This requires dynamic personalities to be able to track the numbers and trends but also think outside the box. If you find yourself thinking both creatively and strategically, then you might consider getting into the commercial business.

Commercial directors must have a bold eye for what will pop and catch people’s attention but will also stick with them. Working with commercials, you will be synthesizing brand creation with artistic design and story telling. It is almost a “dual career path,” says And this provides the perfect place for a strange marriage of fresh ideas and market research.

If these ideas for marketing careers inspire you to research fresh career ideas, try checking out class listings at South University info. With hard work and motivation, you canlook forward to a job you love after graduation.

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