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Oct 13, 2013

Up & Coming Niches in the Food Business

ChesseIf you have been wondering where the next profitable food niches are headed in the upcoming year, food industry forecasters predict that there will be growth in some areas the public is already familiar with. Notably, predictions include a steady rise in the cheese and meat niches, along with some new concepts in "americanizing" international cuisine. Take a look at some of the most trendy things to eat and notable companies who are cashing in on the latest up-and-coming food trends.

Say Cheese!

Topping the list for the hottest up-and-coming food trends, cheese seems to remain a favorite theme. Consumers will see grocery store chains expanding their cheese cases to include more varieties. While imported and exotic types have been steadily gaining ground, locally produced products are also becoming more popular. In particular, soft, spreadable varieties with flavor blends are predicted to be big sellers.

DairyFood USA is one company that is investing significant capital in the soft, spreadable cheese niche. The organization is currently expanding their processing facility, adding 17,000 square feet of additional space. The project is said to be a $5,000,000 investment.

Cheese will also be a prominent theme in restaurants throughout the US. An American favorite, mac-n-cheese will be re-invented in interesting new ways. A new Mac- Attack eatery is slated to open in Montclair, boasting menu items such as a mac n cheese egg roll served with fondue, truffle mac with Parmesan and a variety of exotic grilled cheese sandwiches.

Imported Inspirations 

Imported foods and American look-a-likes are expected to be another up and coming trend. Taco Bell, which is another longtime favorite, has partnered with Doritos brand to add new flavors to the line of Mexican inspired taco shells.

Campbell's  is also getting in on the game. Over 200 new products are slated to be added to the various soup labels. Interesting varieties to watch out for include those sporting an international flair, such as Creamy Thai Style Chicken and Rice.   

Exotic Meat Choices

Game meat and designer beef is going to be more in demand and consumers will have more variety than what was available previously. Chefs and restaurant owners are catering to the exotic, offering more unusual game meat choices. In addition to venison and duck, emu, elk, kangaroo, and bison are going to become increasingly popular.   

Companies such as The Burgery are offering these choices and more. Taco Fusion, out of Florida, recently caused a social media stir among animal lovers when they added lion meat to their product line. Weight Watchers is even endorsing game meats as being healthier, lower in fat and cholesterol.   

Designer, grass fed beef will be yet another hot food niche, despite the rising price. Sales forecasts show that most of the growth in the beef market will be related to exports, but consumers can expect to see plenty of it at home too. Laura's Lean, marketing Limousin and Charolais all natural beef, is one brand that has experienced astronomical growth. The company began as a one woman farming operation and has expanded into more than 7,000 stores nationwide. The success echoes what fellow Americans are telling marketers- they want better access to antibiotic and hormone free beef and they are willing to pay more for it.   

The hottest food niches for the year are continuations of themes that have been steadily gaining ground. Old favorites, with an exciting new twist, will be profitable niches for many companies. 

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This article was provided by Josh Stevenson, current business student and amateur chef on a budget. If you're in the food industry, or just handle food often, Josh suggests visiting for high quality, affordable portion scales. 


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