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Jun 26, 2016

Four Criminal Justice Degrees You Can Earn Online

You may be surprised to know that some of the most respectable criminal justice degrees can be earned online. Studying for your degree through an online course will make it easier for you to learn everything you need to on your own time so that you’ll be able to take care of other responsibilities in your life more effectively. Here are four of the best criminal justice degrees you can earn online.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

If you’ve already earned your bachelor’s degree, you can earn this online degree in as little as one year. You’ll learn more about criminology, public safety concerns and other critical issues that affect the criminal justice system. Having this degree will make you more qualified to work as a detective or in an administrative position in law enforcement.

Bachelor of Science in Corrections

With this degree, you’ll be better qualified to work in adult and juvenile corrections. You may be able to complete your studies online in less than four years. Lindenwood University Online is just one example of an online school that features courses covering this area of study.

Associate of Applied Science in Public Safety and Security

If protecting the public is your passion, this degree will be the right fit for you. You’ll be able to work in a variety of safety and security fields. While studying for this degree, you’ll learn how to minimize and prevent certain security breaches along with other ways to keep the public safe. This degree can be earned in as little as one year.

Management and Supervision Certificate in Criminal Justice

Although this isn’t considered a full-fledged degree, earning this online certificate will give you the opportunity to work in a management position in a criminal justice organization. You’ll be responsible for managing case records and overseeing other employees’ work. The time it takes to earn this certificate varies by school.

When you earn an online degree in criminal justice, you’ll open the door to a variety of rewarding career paths. Many of these degrees can be obtained on your own time and are great to pursue if you don’t have the time to travel to a school to attend classes.

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