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Dec 2, 2016

Infographic on Minority Students in The Legal Industry

I came across an interesting infographic that provides some tips to minority students to help them have a higher chance of getting into law school. It includes things such as getting involved in the community by volunteering or doing internships, as well how to better prepare by taking the required tests. The infographic also lists some useful resources that students can look into to get more help. 

Further, the infographic encourages students to be proud of their background and highlight it while applying to schools. For instance, when they come across the ethnicity question, while optional, they shouldn’t leave it blank. Students should specify their background as it could be used to their benefit. Some schools aim at making their classes diverse and knowing what each student’s background is will make the selection process easier. There are grants and financial aid aimed at minorities and when students identify themselves accurately, they have a higher chance of getting the financial help they might need. 

Finally, the infographic informs students how they can be ready for anything that the schools they apply to will ask for. It gives a breakdown of the kind of writing samples the schools might require as well official documents. 


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