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Sep 16, 2010 is One Site You Need for College!

I have been using since I started college about four years ago. I found its user friendly layout to be the best feature. I would often interrupt myself when writing essays to look up synonyms so I don't keep repeating the same word, over and over again. Other times when I am studying and run into a word I am  not familiar with I go straight to and look up the word. It's funny how I stopped using an actual dictionary a long time ago. It's also interesting how I would often try searching for definitions on other websites, but the results are never as satisfying as when they are on

For the most part I used's "Dictionary" and "Thesaurus" features and I really thought those were perfect enough features. However, there are now new features, which I just noticed on the site.  One of the features helps you recall who said a certain quote... you know how professors sometimes randomly quote really interesting passages and then say "Oh, I can't recall who said it." That really annoys me because I then wonder about this for such a long time. Well, now all I would have to do is input the quote into's quote search box and the name of the person behind the quote is right there! What's awesome about this feature is that you can actually narrow the search down to many things such as author or subject.

The next best feature is virtual flashcards. When I was testing this out I was amazed at how great it was and regretted that it wasn't live when I had to take my graduate record examination  (GRE). I tried it again and again and the adrenaline kept pumping as I was trying to remember the definitions. I really love the fact that there are parts of the practice where the words are played in audio; one of my biggest problems is pronunciation, so this sub-feature is definitely going to help me out a great deal. Although my GRE's are complete, I will most certainly be needing the flashcard feature and utilizing it quite often. I have now entered graduate school, where a large vocabulary is really a must for success.

If you truly want to succeed in college, utilize and its awesome features.

*If you're an iPhone user be sure to add the free app to your phone. 

What's Your Experience With Dictionary.Com?

*This is not a paid/sponsored review, I seriously love this site and have used it for years and will continue to do so for more years to come.

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